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Alison Wood
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We all love to set goals, don’t we? But how many of us actually check in with those goals regularly, break them down into smaller steps, and keep on track?

If you said yes, I think you are probably in the minority.

I have always been a big goal setter, but implementation never lived up to my initial enthusiasm. That was until about halfway through last year when I actually found a system that worked for me.

What’s more, this goal-setting process was easy to set up, quick to review regularly, and best of all, made me feel like I was making progress month by month.

I started January by doing a review of my previous year and setting goals for the year ahead. I have a lot to achieve this year, and so ensuring I am making weekly process is going to be vital.

My Process

If you would like to see my goal-setting process, I have created a quick video which you can watch below.

To access the free goal setting worksheet in Google docs, click here and save a copy to your own drive. The video shows you how to do this if you are not sure.

If you find the video helpful, don't forget to subscribe to my channel as I have a lot more training coming up this year for those looking to grow a business or start a side hustle.

Set Your Goals Today

Once you have watched the video and accessed the spreadsheet, it’s time to set your own goals.

I would definitely take your big picture goals and break them down into smaller steps across the months. You are more likely to find success that way — and also feel a sense of achievement as you tick things off. This will then motivate you to take the next step.

Don’t get caught up in what’s wrong or right. Remember, you can always come back and amend these goals. You can add new ones or even remove some that no longer work for you.

Check In Regularly

Once you have your big picture goals, check in at least on the first of the month, mid-month and at the end of the month to assess your progress. I actually look at my goals most days now and during the last six months this has meant that I have got a great deal more done.

That said, the aim of the goal-setting game isn’t perfection, it’s progress. What tiny first step will you take today?

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