After procrastinating for years, I was live in a matter of hours

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If I say I had been thinking about starting a podcast for years, you probably think that is an exaggeration. I wish it were, but believe me…

How I never knew it existed until I had it

Growing up, I was never a kid who needed inhalers or who struggled with any chest issues. This remained true all the way through my twenties and thirties; until in my forties, I started getting a cough, and it was a cough which just wouldn’t go away.

At first, it…

Does it get any better for a kid?

When I was six, my parents bought a shop in a small village in Kent, UK. Upstairs the shop sold shoes. Yeah, kind of not that exciting for a six-year-old. However, downstairs was a whole different matter.

On our arrival, my Mum walked me into the shop and down the…

Agatha Christie’s holiday home

I waited a long time to visit Greenway, Agatha Christie’s holiday home near Dartmouth, UK. It might seem a strange destination to have in your mind as a place to visit, particularly over decades, but it was more what it represented to me than the actual place.

As far back…

Sometimes my insecurities surprise even me

I published my first article on Medium in May 2019.

I submitted my first article to a publication in June 2021.

Even for me that’s slow going. In the name of all things holy, what have I been doing in the interim?


Ok, so yes I have been on Medium…

Am I the only one?

It’s probably pretty obvious from the title that I am an animal lover.

Ever since I was a small child, all kinds of pets have gathered around me. Dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits. I loved them all and gave each one a great big piece of my heart.

30-Day writing challenge: I’m coming to get you

July 1st has dawned. I’m digging deep into my almost non-existent reserves of spare time and stepping up for the 30-Day Writing Challenge.

I’m nervous, excited, and already very tired. Wish me well, friends. Wish me well.

I first read about the challenge from its founder David Majister. He did…

My 21st birthday was a long time ago. A lot of water has passed under the bridge, and I realize with regret that I could have done a bunch of things better.

I know that regret is a waste of energy. After all, you can only do the best you…

Advice for the fledgling VA

You have decided that the Virtual Assistant life is for you. Maybe as a side hustle to support another part of your business, or perhaps as a full-time job.

It’s possible to earn great income as a VA, I’ve done it. However, there are some things to know before you…

Do labels matter?

Growing up I always wanted kids. It wasn’t about if it would happen, but when.

I saw my rosy future laid out before me. Nice little house, secure job, supportive husband, and 2.4 children. All of us walking the family dog on the beach every Sunday.

None of that has…

Alison Wood

Life is too short not to go after your dreams and build a life that is right for you.

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