7 Ways to Become BFFs (Business Friends Forever) With Your Audience

When someone arrives at your website for the first time you have to remember that they don’t know anything about you or the background of your business. They don’t know what a super awesome person you are; what wonderful products or services you provide; or how you will always go that extra mile for your customers.

Therefore, what you need to do is build a relationship with them over time. You can initially do this by the look of your website and from there extend the connection between you and the reader by a number of other means, such as your newsletter, blog posts, offers.

Let’s look at 7 Ways You Can Build Trust With Those Who Visit Your Site, Your New BFFs:

1 Make your website clean, clear and easy to navigate.

When someone arrives at your website or blog is it easy for them to find their way around? Is it clear what you offer? And, does your menu allow them to navigate smoothly to where they want to get to? Yes? You rock! No? Try to imagine coming to your site for the first time, knowing nothing about you, and see where you can make improvements; or ask a friend to do the same. If you need a step-by-step plan for this, then download my free DIY website audit.

2 Build YOU Into Your Brand.

Do you have a photo of you (or your team) on your website? People like to buy from people, they like to see the human face of any brand so add a recent photo with a brief bio — this doesn’t need to be all formal, speak from your heart and give your audience an insight into the real you.

3 Add Social Proof.

Do you have your social media buttons at the top of your website or near the top of your sidebar. People like to be able to find you in other places — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al — so make sure they can check you out. Also all those people who already ‘like’ you on social media, whether it’s 100 or 10,000, add social proof. If they like you, then it says to the world you are a person of interest.

4 Find Your Voice.

When we start talking (or writing) on our blogs, social media pages and in our newsletters it can feel awkward at first, stilted. But gradually over time you will discover your voice and the more you give yourself the freedom to be yourself the more your BFFs (and that doesn’t have to be everyone in the world, just those who chime with you) will grow to like and trust you. We build a business of our own usually because it means we can do something we love, so let’s not be all boring or corporate about it, let’s start a new wave of just being ourselves — flaws and all.

5 Create Content.

Whether you blog, create videos or write updates on social media, you need to do at least one of these (preferably more) regularly so that people can find out who you are, what you offer and how ultimately they can purchase from you. Blogging helps to get your website found in the search engines as well as helping to inform and educate your audience on your area of expertise, so it’s definitely worth doing.

6 Build Your Mailing List.

I know that many of you will be tired of hearing me say this BUT YOU NEED TO BUILD A MAILING LIST. Sorry, phew, I came over all strange then, must have been all that shouting

But you know, you really do need to build a mailing list. All your social media profiles don’t technically belong to you and if the gods of all things #socialmedia decided to change things, they could do it. Where would that leave you? Alone and lonely that’s where!

Only joking, you are going to build your mailing list as a priority aren’t you? So you can always keep in touch with your BFFS. No lonely nights crying into a bucket of ice-cream for you, no sireee! (Ahem, just me then!)

7 Showcase Your Expertise

One of the best ways to show people that you offer excellent information and therefore products or services is to give them access to your knowledge in an easily digestible way. This could be through blog posts, AKA content marketing, or even through short courses or e-books. Whether free ones to build your mailing list or longer paid ones which dive deep into what your audience needs.

The final thing to say is that just as in life not everyone needs to be your BFF. The reason I stress being the real you and speaking in your authentic voice, while sharing more about your business, is that the more you do that the more likely it is that the right people will chime with you and join you on your business adventure.

Does Apple or Tesla try to connect with everyone in the whole world? No. They connect with the people whose values align with theirs and they are super successful at it. Our businesses might not be on the same scale but would you prefer to connect to people with the same values and interests as you effortlessly, or would you prefer to try to put on an unsustainable front to connect with everyone in the world?

Your BFFs are out there, make sure you are speaking to them direct so they recognize you and come and join your party

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